About SETU

SETU facilitates standardisation for the exchange of electronic data in the staffing industry 

What is SETU?

The Stichting Elektronische Transacties Uitzendbranche (foundation for electronic transactions in the staffing industry) or SETU, is developing and maintaining standards for exchange of electronic data in the staffing industry. Participants are involved in the process of standardization and are supported when implementing these standards in their organization.


Electronic Transactions
Exchange of data and information by electronic means such as electronic timesheets and invoices is expanding substantially within the staffing industry. An increasing number of organizations are experiencing the benefits of rapid processing, a decrease in the number of errors and lower costs compared to traditional exchange of information on paper.

As more and more enterprises are relying on electronic exchange of data, there is growing need for mutual agreements to ensure compatibility. Entering into an exclusive agreement with every business partner requires a lot of effort and leads to a complex web of (electronic) business relations. In that case, standardization provides a solution.

Collaboration between staffing companies, staffing customers and scientific institutes has made international, open standards such as HR-XML SIDES suitable for the Netherlands. In order to guarantee continuity of these activities, the Algemene Bond Uitzendondernemingen, or ABU (Dutch association of temporary work agencies) has founded SETU.

What can SETU do for you?

Development and maintenance
The staffing industry currently deploys the international HR-XML standard on an increasingly larger scale. This standard does however not readily apply to the staffing industry in the Netherlands without modifications. SETU aims to develop and maintain dutch additions to the standard as well as implementation guidelines for using the standard.

Keep up-to-date with relevant developments
By taking part in workgroups, you are in direct contact with other organisations within the staffing industry. This will bring you insight into relevant activities and developments within this industry. Because business relations usually involve enterprises from other industries however, it is of importance to gain knowledge of developments outside the staffing industry as well. One can e.g. think of varieties of electronic invoicing. With SETU you will be up-to-date with respect to relevant developments regarding electronic standardization, occurring both within the staffing industry and elsewhere on both a national and international level.

Get your say
The standards that SETU aims to develop are produced and specified in numerous workgroups. As a participant in SETU you are free to join these workgroups, in order to make the endresult fit your needs and wishes.

The activities of SETU involve producing unambiguous and clear, insightful documentation on deploying the various standards. In addition, SETU offers hands-on support and assistence for your organization when it wants to implement and deploy the standards developed. Furthermore, SETU can also aid in correct deployment of standards in your company’s business software.

In summary

SETU makes sure you can exchange electronic information with your business partners in a standardized manner. Its activities include:
– Facilitate standardization workgroups for input from contribuaries
– Specify standards and guidelines for implementation
– Provide support to contribuaries


Every staffing organization can become a participant of SETU and benefit from its services. More information with respect to conditions and pricing is available from info@setu.nl.

SETU standards

Go to the portal to read more about the available standards and for more technical information.